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TODDLER GROUP for all who have the care of small children and babies

We are one of the few groups that meet in the afternoon so come with your baby/toddler and perhaps bring someone you know who needs to have a break to chat to others in similar circumstances

Toddler Group Half term Tuesday 19th February

every Tuesday during term time from 1.30pm-3pm     £1

just come and sign in; bring a friend if you wish; there is no waiting list         


tea & coffee, soft drinks and biscuits
toys of all kinds, climbing frame, slide, tunnels,puzzles,colouring,playdough,story books and singing to finish the session. there is a sheltered area for those who have small babies.

   Looking for toys in Aldershot? Visit this website:

     Some pictures from our group 

reading corner                                                                                                       



playdough table                                                    sheltered area        


Can I have my child baptized in the Methodist Church?

Parents wishing to have their children baptized should approach their local Methodist minister at the earliest possible moment. The minister will be able to explain what's involved. This may involve, in some cases, parents being willing to undertake a number of instruction sessions.

If you are thinking about the baptism of your child please talk to Frances, Margaret or Yvonne who can arrange for you to meet our Minister, the Rev Conrad Hicks for a chat.

There is one baptism, which is recognized by all the mainstream Churches that baptize infants, including the Methodist Church and the Church of England.

(Information from the official website of the Methodist Church in Great Britain)

Have you ever tried to make playdough? There are several ways of doing this but possibly the quickest and least tedious method is this:                Uncooked playdough.

1 cup plain flour

½ cup of salt 

1 tablespoon cooking oil 

1-2 tablespoons cream of tartar 

1 cup boiling water with a few drops of food colouring if desired.

add if desired Oil of lavender; mint essence;  glitter

*Cream of tartar can be found at Tesco in the baking dept.

Method:  Mix the dry ingredients together with the oil then quickly add the boiling water, stirring rapidly as the dough thickens. 

When the mixture has cooled to hand -hot knead well until smooth adding flour a little at a time if the dough is sticky.

NB. If you wear a substantial rubber glove (Marigold) you can begin the kneading when the mixture is still quite warm and it also protects your hands and nails.

  Keep in an airtight tin or box.

As this dough is made with boiling water it is advisable to prepare it when  children are not present.





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